Chakra Colors

Chakras and Colors: The colors of the chakras are more than mere symbolism. Learn about the true meaning of chakra colors and how to use them for energetic support.
Sacral Chakra Symbol

Each of the 7 Chakras is associated with a certain color, which is often used in chakra meditations and visualizations. The link between the Chakras and these specific colors is much more than mere symbolism. In fact, they reflect a profound principle and carry a deep meaning.

The seven chakras perfectly corresponded with the exact order of the primary colors of the visible light spectrum. We can see these colors when we shine pure white light through a crystal or if we look at a rainbow. Each of these colors corresponds to a certain wavelength of light or, in other words, a frequency of energy that affects our body and psyche in a unique way.

Accordingly, the colors appear in the chakra system in an ascending order of their frequency – starting with the lowest frequency in the first Chakra up to the highest frequency in the crown Chakra:

crown chakra symbol

Crown Chakra

The violet-white light Chakra.

Third Eye Chakra Symbol

Third Eye Chakra

The indigo Chakra

Throat Chakra Symbol

Throat Chakra

The blue Chakra

Heart Chakra Symbol

Heart Chakra

The green Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol

Solar Plexus Chakra

The yellow Chakra

Sacral Chakra Symbol

Sacral Chakra

The orange chakra

Root Chakra Symbol

Root Chakra

The red chakra

Chakras and colors

The Chakra colors are a fascinating aspect of the Chakra system that invites some deep contemplations about reality. While the Chakras are a subtle energetic phenomenon that current science does not yet fully understand, we can learn a lot about the connection between Chakras and colors by reflecting upon the actual physics behind color.

In scientific terms, the different colors of visible light are really just different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. Our eyes interpret these different wavelengths as colors, while, in reality, all they are is just different frequencies of energetic vibration. Even though colors appear to be very distinct, they actually exist on a continuous spectrum of vibration, with no clear boundaries between one color and the next.

The spectrum of colors that are visible to the human eye spans from deep red (which is of the lowest vibration and longest wavelength) to violet (which is of the highest vibration and shortest wavelength).This is exactly how the chakra colors are aligned: From the red root chakra, which is the most physical and dense center, up to the violet third eye chakra, which is highly mental and spiritual, the chakra colors perfectly mirror the visible spectrum of light as a ladder of ascending frequency and energy.

A colorful ocean of energy

Modern physics revealed to us that reality is, in fact, one giant ocean of frequencies, a unified field of vibration. It is just our perceptions that turn this vast energetic ocean into seemingly distinct objects and phenomena.

Though we seldom contemplate it, we have to admit the fact that humans perceive only the tiniest fraction of this energetic reality: Of all the energies that surround us, the vast majority is invisible and inaudible to us. What we perceive as our world is less than one percent of the reality that truly exists all around us. From an absolute standpoint, we are almost blind and deaf and had technology not enabled us to perceive a much wider range of frequencies, we probably would have never known they exist.

Spiritual traditions believe that there is a whole different realm of subtle energies that we haven’t even begun to tap into with our technology. Yet, we can very well perceive this realm through our subtle energetic system, especially our Chakras.

We may well understand each chakra to be like a sense organ for a very specific bandwidth of subtle energetic frequencies – just as if we had separate eyes for every different color. Through each Chakra we experience a specific aspect of the subtle reality around us. Just like our eyes pick up a certain bandwidth of frequencies and perceive them as colors and our ears pick up another bandwidth and interpret them as sounds, each chakra picks up a certain bandwidth of subtle energy that we then experience as different mental, emotional and spiritual qualities. If we train and develop this capacity, subtle energies indeed become just as tangible and real to us as colors, sounds, and touch.

White Light and the colors of the chakras

In 1666, Isaac Newton demonstrated that white light could be broken up into its composite colors by passing it through a prism. The full spectrum of colors is contained in white light, but to experience and reveal it, we have to break the light.

Newton also identified the same principle in rainbows. Rainbows appear in seven colors because water droplets break white sunlight into the seven colors of the spectrum.

This principle that we find in rainbows and in prisms, we also find in the Chakras: they are the breaking of the pure light that we are as a soul into seven different aspects of experience and expression.

When we manage to align and balance all our Chakras, they form one unified flow of energy that creates a profound inner state of health, happiness, integrity, and completeness. We become one within ourselves, and all the different levels – the physical, the energetic, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual – become one unity. There is no hindrance to the flow of life force. This condition eventually leads to spiritual enlightenment. It is a union of our entire being: The experience of our soul flows from white light into the colorful expression of life and reflects back into the white light again, without any obstruction, distortion or absorption – we become a rainbow and yet remain as white light at the very same time.

Chakra colors and meanings

Chakra Colors can be a useful tool for working intuitively with our Chakras. This is because each color touches us in a very different way. Colors carry a certain energetic essence that can help us in aligning and balancing our chakras.

Unfortunately, the meaning we attach to colors is influenced a lot by cultural circumstances and conditioning, such as the use of red as a sign of danger in traffic or other such cultural assignments. The theory of Chakra colors asserts that there is an original essence in each color, that lies beyond such conditioning and that may reveal itself by meditating on these colors: By feeling into the colors with an open mind and heart, this original essence becomes like a fragrance or taste, that we can clearly perceive and hold inside, opening the possibility to use this essence to balance and support us energetically.

Another way to look at Chakra colors is to contemplate colors in nature, which may also reveal a more objective representation of their essence.

In terms of Chakra theory, the colors energetically carry the main qualities of its respective Chakra. Though it is impossible to really describe these with words – just as it is impossible to truly describe a taste with words – the following descriptions might give some idea of these essences.

Chakra Color Quality Good example in nature
Root Chakra red Stability, groundedness, physicality Soil, flesh
Sacral Chakra orange Juiciness, aliveness zesty fruits
Solar Plexus Chakra yellow Energy, power Sun
Heart Chakra green Flourishing, interconnectedness Plants
Throat Chakra blue Vastness, expansion Ocean, Sky
Third Eye Chakra violet Originality, Wisdom Nebulas, Crystals
Crown Chakra white Transcendence, illumination, self-dissolution Snow, Clouds

Meditating on the colors of Chakras

Chakra colors can be used in Chakra Meditation. Here is a simple Meditation using each Chakras color.

  • Breathe into the physical location of the Chakra
  • Imagine the Chakra Color to expand from that location throughout your whole body and being
  • Feel the color as an energetic essence and breathe and expand into this feeling
  • Immerse yourself in the color and its energetic feeling, let it permeate your whole being

Repeat this for all 7 Chakras.


EM-Diagram: Philip Ronan / CC-by-sa


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