Chakra Personality Types

Your Chakra Personality Type defines how you experience life, how you find happiness and how you best live your purpose.

Chakra Personality Type System

How Chakras define our personality

The 7 Chakras are an amazing description of life’s different rainbow colors; life’s different energies and aspects. In each of us, these different aspects and colors blend and express in a unique way that forms our original individuality. Each personality or soul has a unique “flavor”, an innate individuality, that manifests itself energetically as a unique pattern of activity in the different Chakras.

While everyone, of course, has all the seven Chakras, each of us has some of them more active and some less active – even far less active – and this unique Chakra-makeup determines how we experience the outer reality, how we express in the world and how we relate to life.

Even though we surely need to develop all seven Chakras to fully experience human life with all its different dimensions and to evolve in our humanness and consciousness, we always retain our unique individuality and perceive and express through some Chakras more than others  – irrespective of our level of evolution.

And whereas personalities are no doubt complex and multi-faceted, a thorough understanding of our dominant Chakras can actually reveal much of the basic underlying patterns and help to navigate life in many different ways:

  • Self-Awareness
    To become aware of our Chakra Personality Type provides a much better understanding of ourselves, our needs, wishes, and behaviors.
  • Life Purpose
    To know our Chakra Personality Type reveals what truly makes us happy, how we most naturally and effectively express in the world and what gifts we have brought to this life.
  • Balance
    The understanding of our Chakra Personality Type gives direct insights into areas we might easily get out of balance or struggle with and provides with effective tools to maintain a more balanced life.
  • Compassion
    The understanding that other beings experience the world very differently and have different needs and values helps to feel other people where they are at and to avoid misunderstanding and conflict.

As such, the Chakra Personality Types are an effective tool of self-development and a very practical map to a happy and fulfilled life.

The Chakra Personality Type System

The seven Chakra Personality Types are not an entirely new concept. Hints can already be found in the ancient chakra scriptures that classify certain animals into different Chakras and as a result, somewhat characterize humans who behave and act like those animals.

The concept itself ensues inevitably from the realization that the Chakras are actually seven centers of perception and experience. Each Chakra is a lens or a perspective through which we could experience a very different aspect of the world that has its own type of meaning, happiness, fulfillment, and values.

If we look at the different people around us, we cannot fail to recognize that each person has significantly more of a certain chakra worldview than any other chakra and that this inclination is quite central to their identity and personality. Working with Hundreds of people I quickly realized that the Chakra Personality Types provided me with a clear map that could tell us so much about a person’s reality, potentials and imbalances.

Over the years, this exploration formed itself into the elaborate and complex system of self-development that I present in my book “The Seven Chakra Personality Types” and on this very website.

The 7 Chakra Personality Types

So what exactly are the 7 Chakra Personality Types? Below you will find a short description of each Type. To learn more about an individual Type, you can follow the link to the in-depth profile under each respective section.

The material earthly Types

The first, second, and third chakras all fall into the category of the material-earthly types. This group of Chakra Types is deeply engaged in the world of matter, yet each of them approaches the world from a very different angle.

First Chakra Type:
Root Chakra – The Builders

As a hard-working and labor-loving type, the Builders are in charge of the material and earthly plane. Four out of every ten people are first-chakra types, and their impressive number reflects their fundamental role in human society. They are the caretakers of all the small details that may seem boring and gray, and without them, the entire material world would collapse. They are generally grounded and heavy, with a solid constitution. They tend to be quiet and gentle people. They are also relatively slow in movement and slow to react. Builders believe that in the material world, only a slow, persistent effort can affect reality. They are conformists, conventional, dislike extreme changes, and strive for security and stability. They can easily become overly serious and even rigid.

For a more detailed description: 1st Chakra Personality Type

Second Chakra Type:
Sacral Chakra  – The Artists

The “Artists” are the most colorful of all seven types. They act like the spice of human existence. They live for the sheer pleasure found in the here and now. They are fiery, passionate, and explosive. Others experience them as being “all over the place” and even out of order. They are extremely physical and learn through their body. Their wish for heightened feelings leads them to seek extraordinary experiences, which makes them quite adventurous. They don’t have much energy for long-lasting processes, because they get bored easily. They only feel alive when they have peak experiences and ultimate pleasures.  Artists are endowed with an extraordinary sensitivity to beauty and style and they are always humorous and enjoy laughter. As lovers of freedom, they are hard to tame and can be quite egotistical and even narcissistic.

For a more detailed description: 2nd Chakra Personality Type

Third Chakra Type:
Solar Plexus Chakra – The Achievers

Achievers are marathon runners who steadily advance while keeping their eye on the prize. They want to stick their flag on the highest peak—preferably one that no one has reached before. They want to achieve world fame and show everyone that they are “someone.” The endless energy of the third-chakra type is the very energy that pushes the world forward. They are conquerors at heart—never satisfied, forever working to grow bigger. They strive to make their life into a heroic “success story.” They are always busy, always running somewhere. Deeply identified with doing, they are highly practical people and don’t have much patience for contemplation or discussion. Achievers have an impressive capacity to overcome challenges and obstacles. They can be compulsive and obsessive, and as a result, tend to unhealthy lifestyles and are at risk for certain addictions.

For a more detailed description: 3rd Chakra Personality Type

Emotional-Communicative Types

This middle group consists of the fourth and fifth chakra types—types who first encounter the world through emotions and fantasies. Both types are passionate about relationship and communication. They strive to connect and bridge the inner and the outer worlds.

Fourth Chakra Type:
Heart Chakra – The Caretakers

Caretakers express and demonstrate the power of emotion and love. Their main passion is to bring people together, to unify, and to make sure that there is harmony all around. They are commonly found among those who strive to form loving family units, and in general, create opportunities for intimacy. Many of them are world-rectifiers and humanists or active in all fields of human connectivity and intimacy. They have a rounded appearance, with open and mellow features, and their demeanor is relaxed and sweet. Caretakers feel fulfilled only when they serve a cause greater than themselves, whether it is a family, a romantic relationship, humanity, or God. They are highly sensitive beings and can become overly sensitive. They communicate with the world through intense emotions, and this is also the way they evaluate truth and falsity. They always feel something and can’t understand people who don’t feel sometimes. Caretakers can be obsessive in relationships and experience intense jealousy and possessiveness toward their chosen ones.

For a more detailed description: 4th Chakra Personality Type

Fifth Chakra Type:
Throat Chakra – The Speakers

The central passion in life for a “Speaker” is the act of communication. They experience fulfillment when they get the chance to influence people and events. They always want to influence outcomes and achieve certain goals, even when they pretend that their interactions are purely social. They are the most visible of all human beings. They make ideas run through a culture, bridge between concepts and people, and function often as effective “translators” and explainers of systems. As potential leaders, they are strong, solid, straightforward, and wakeful, and share some level of magnetic and manipulative power. They love to teach and are found in abundance among teachers, guides, coaches, experts, and educators. Since they are mainly interested in the grand vision, they are not very grounded and practical. They often find themselves so overwhelmed by the magnitude of their own future that they don’t know how to take the first practical step. They are also not very emotional and may even be uncaring since they are mostly engaged in the fulfillment of their own visions.

For a more detailed description: 5th Chakra Personality Type

Mental-Spiritual Types

The third group of chakra personality types, which includes the sixth and seventh types, does not really experience the world directly; it meets it more as an “idea” and translates experience into abstract principles. The interests and attractions of the sixth – and seventh – chakra types are far more abstract and less earthly and tangible than those of other types.

Sixth Chakra Type:
Third Eye Chakra – The Thinkers

Thinkers have highly systematic scientific minds and are usually quite brilliant, inventive and unconventional. They burn with the fire of an intense and probing intelligence that tries to understand. They have very strong and penetrating eyes, yet their inquiring gaze is often mixed with arrogance since they tend to feel that they “know it all.” Thinkers are the great observers of life and humanity. They love analyzing and wish to know the “why” of things and to reveal the hidden structure or underlying logic of the world. Their minds are always doubting and questioning and they hate thinking like everyone else. They have a noble determination to remain unaffected and above ordinary and mediocre human experience. Thinkers concentrate their entire energy on their overly stimulated intellect. Since they see principles and laws more than they see actual things and people, they have little regard for relationships and emotions. They are also seriously ungrounded, distant, and detached, and tend to forget all about the real world and even the reality of their physical body.

For a more detailed description: 6th Chakra Personality Type

Seventh Chakra Type:
Crown Chakra – The Yogis

The seventh type constitutes only 1 percent of the world’s population. These individuals are the farthest from any familiar human activity. They have an airy-looking structure and they seem quite fragile. They tend to have a veiled, distant, and uninvolved gaze as if they are in their own world and do not share ours at all. This type includes any kind of natural-born renunciate or monk within any culture. They are most commonly found among those who seem naturally destined for monastic life. Their natural inclination is to turn their gaze inward to meditate, devote themselves to God, or research the subtle and mystical domains. Yogis are quite uninterested in leaving any mark on human culture since they don’t have a strong enough link to earthly life and all that is considered accomplishment in it. They are unpretentious people with a simple psychology. They can easily forget themselves in long hours of self-absorption and tend to float in life. Since they are incapable of managing hard-core realities, they can be even irresponsible and dependent.

For a more detailed description: 7th Chakra Personality Type

The ChakraBlueprint

Over the years my use of the Chakra Personality Types has developed into a comprehensive but highly intuitive and accessible system of self-development. My work with hundreds and thousands of people has revealed the personality is influenced by the combined interaction of our three most active Chakras.

  • Major Chakra Type: “Who am I?”
    This is the Chakra we most identify with and view the world through.
  • Secondary Chakra Type: “What am I doing here?”
    This is the Chakra which most determines how we express in the world.
  • Supportive Chakra Type: “How can I accomplish this?”
    This Chakra is the third most active and empowers and sustains our personality.

I have coined the combination of these three Chakra Types the “3-Type-Structure” of the Personality or our “Chakra Blueprint”. The ChakraBlueprint serves – as the very name suggests – as a highly useful Blueprint of our energetic makeup and the fundamental forces of our personality.

Now the obvious question is: How can this help you? It actually can help you tremendously and in many different ways.

Chakra personality types as a practical map for a fulfilled life

Knowing your Chakra personality type is all about helping you to align your life with your authentic self, practically. This is not a system that is meant to only provide you with some self-reassurance, recognizing your nature and that’s all. Its purpose is to grant you a most intimate realization of what truly makes you happy in life and what truly fills you with a sense of meaning and fulfillment.

As soon as you recognize “yourself”, a whole set of self-work practices is laid before you. This includes nearly anything – from the right type of relationships to meditations to Bach flowers and nutrition to career. These practices will play a double role in your life: they will help you to accept yourself in the deepest sense, regardless of whatever other people tell you, making it possible for you to fully live out your authentic nature – but they will also show you how to balance some inevitable excesses of your type.

Your ChakraBlueprint helps you to find your soul purpose

Our ChakraBlueprint is most intimately related to our sense of meaning and happiness. In fact, as long as we do not know our Chakra type, we often try to become happy in ways that cannot really make us happy, or we are so far from ourselves, that we only follow what others consider happiness and meaning.

We become so easily conditioned by social values, or even by the values and influences of people around us who come from very different Chakra worlds. And when we’re not happy, it is most probably because we do not recognize our form of happiness and meaning, or we don’t dare to follow it unreservedly and to represent it in the world. Some Chakra types really don’t fit into the values and conditions of our society!

The law here is simple: we are happy when we follow the natural pull of our soul, our most natural inclination or attraction; our deepest type of passion for life. We came with it, for unclear reasons. It determines the way we look at everything and feel anything. It determines the way we respond to life and to the impressions of our senses. If we study our very own ChakraBlueprint thoroughly, it reveals the natural expression of our soul in this life and becomes our inner guide to finding meaning and happiness.

When we are connected to it, we can no longer be blinded by what certain outer guides for happiness in life tell us to do, since we know our very own unique type of happiness. The Chakra Personality Types System claims that there can be no one prescription for happiness. The Chakras alone make it clear that there are at least seven different kinds of happiness, and the ChakraBlueprint suggest that these seven have no less than 42 nuances. To be happy, we need to find our very own special kind of happiness.

When we identify ourselves, there is, first of all, a great sense of relief and alignment. Finally, our unique worldview becomes validated. And not only it is validated, it is even recognized as a gift to the world. We are needed as what we are.

Your Chakra type helps you to attain balance and self-acceptance

Each chakra type tends to “overflow”. We suffer from our own excessive tendency. For instance, the “Thinkers” are too much of the observer. They never want to be a part of the human experience, but that also can be unbalanced when they become addicted to life in their “heads”. The “Caretakers”, which come from the world of the fourth or heart chakra, need to be careful not to allow their intense emotional world to turn into a needy and narcissistic expectation from those around them. So aside from realizing your own path of happiness, you also need to make sure you don’t fall into the “Shadow” side of your type.

Your Chakra personality type enables you to understand your struggles: why you approach  challenges and difficulties from a certain, sometimes limiting angle; why you meet with certain resistances within yourself; in what way you require different keys or even a different language to accept the challenges of your life, and why particular Chakras development are more challenging to you than to others.

In addition, this self-recognition enables us a profound self-acceptance, alongside a profound acceptance of those around us who we learn to identify as their own type.

The Chakra types system and relationships

This system is not only about individual realization. In fact, it bears quite many implications for our human relationships, including the broader social and political ones. The key is simple: as soon as you grasp that other people are different because they inherently perceive life differently than yourself, how could you judge them? It’s like judging a zebra for having stripes! Our entire judgment of others is based on this reality – that we cannot accept that they perceive things differently and cherish other values, happiness, and meaning in life.

Honoring and truly understanding the seven different Chakra Personality Types can help tremendously to understand other people on a much deeper level. We gain the possibility to actually step into their shoes and understand their world. The recognition that all the seven worldviews are equally true and valid leads to deep acceptance and prevents much of the misunderstanding and conflict we experience on a personal and global level.

Is your chakra type changeable?

Some people ask whether their type could change at a certain point in life. This usually conceals a sort of an inner quarrel with ourselves since we tend to dislike our nature and to want to replace it. More philosophically, our type essentially cannot be changed since it is the most fundamental way through which we come into contact with the world.

Of course, since we all have seven centers, and they all need to be developed and also balanced, we need from time to time to focus on strengthening one or two of the centers, and this might create in us the feeling that this is our “type” now – for example, if we feel we need to learn to love more. In the process of spiritual evolution, we also need to develop all centers, including our major type.

Yet the most important evolution that takes place within our type is learning how to balance its inevitable excesses. Every type tends to overflow; to exaggerate with its own tendencies and to stick to its habits even when they throw it off balance completely. That is why this type of self-knowledge is vital also for our psychological and physical health and wellbeing in general.

How can you tell what Chakra personality type you are?

There are three options.

  1. Read the descriptions on this Website
    The easiest way to recognize “yourself” through the mirror of the Chakra personality types is to simply read carefully the full description of all seven types. You’re not expected to embrace the description completely. What is required here is a more essential recognition – “This is how I view the world; this is how I come into first contact with everything around me”. The personality type is the way to experience life, yourself and the world around you.
  2. Take the Online-Test (coming soon)
    A second way is to answer the questionnaire within this Website. You will receive, in response, your three-type structure alongside a brief description of this structure. For a deeper elaboration and practical advice, you will be invited to order your specifically tailored ebook.
  3. Buy the Book
    Another option is to read my book “The Seven Chakra Personality Types”. In this book, the seven personality types are extensively outlined – including small and “funny” daily behaviors and patterns. Near the end of each chapter, you will be asked to close your eyes and evaluate from 0% to 100% the level of presence of this type within your being. To be aided even more in your process of self-recognition, you will find within the book seven questionnaires that help you to determine whether you are a certain type.

Another option, if you find it difficult to be confident about your own self-reflection, is to book a session with one of our Chakra personality types experts.

ChakraBlueprint: Identifying your secondary types

Most people will recognize themselves in at least two different chakra types. This just means that you have already identified both your major personality type and a secondary type. Now you must determine which one is dominant.

Each of the Chakra Types is described on this website. Also in the Seven Chakra Personality Types book, you will find a complete chapter about each one of the types. Read through them carefully and at the end of each article or chapter, close your eyes to ask yourself, “How much of this type’s worldview, perception and values exist in my own personality?” Let the evaluation appear in percentage – not relative to the other types, but simply the degree of this type’s existence in you.

  1. Major Chakra Type 80%-100%
    Your major chakra type will usually appear in you in a percentage between 80%-100%. Many identify themselves, after reading a full chapter, as 100% of this type.
  2. Secondary Chakra Type 60%-80%
    Your secondary type is second in degree. It usually appears in you in a percentage between 60%-80%. It is an important addition to your personality since its combination with your major type determines the direction your life should take in order to fulfill your destiny.
  3. Supportive Chakra Type 40%-50%
    Your supportive type is third in degree and appears in you in a percentage between 40%-50%. It is your strongest quality or power.

Finding out your children’s and other relatives’ types

As soon as you understand yourself, you manage quite easily to understand others. You read about a certain Chakra-Type  and you think, “Oh, this is my husband he is talking about!”, or “I have a friend who behaves exactly like this!” This understanding leads to a deeper sense of respect and appreciation of others’ tendencies, which could actually become complementary to our own.

Of course, we cannot tag others as confidently as we tag ourselves since self-recognition is, after all, a very intimate process. They need to get to know themselves and only them can find out what their unique happiness and meaning in life are. So we have to be careful not to be too hasty and to try as much as possible to use this identification for deeper love and tolerance rather than tagging and stereotyping.

With our children, too, feeling their major type is quite possible, yet in the case of young people, we need to understand that their personality is in an intense process of consolidation. This inevitably puts them often in states of self-testing, which could make us confuse their experimentation with their authentic self. With some children and teenagers, however, their Chakra type is extremely evident.


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