Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra (5th Chakra, Blue Chakra, Visuddha Chakra): Chakra of expression and manifestation. Throat Chakra healing, meditation and opening.
Throat Chakra Symbol

5th Chakra

Throat Chakra meaning, location and color
The fifth Chakra, or Throat Chakra (in Sanskrit, Viśuddha; in English “the purifier”), is located at the base of the throat. Its color is blue, and its main element is ether. Vishuddha is the Chakra of expression and manifestation.
Throat Chakra Symbol

Overview: Throat Chakra Table

Name Throat Chakra, 5th Chakra, Visuddha
Physical location: At the throat pit.
Physical systems: Throat, neck, mouth and jaws.
Nerve Plexus: Cervical plexus.
Gland: Thyroid
Psychic aspect: Authentic expression of truth
Spiritual function: The passage of Kundalini to the highest, most refined levels of awareness in the upper Chakras: making the mind pure as space. When Kundalini manages to pass through the Throat Chakra, a major step in ego transcendence is achieved.
Traditional Symbol: A sixteen-petalled lotus flower containing a white circle representing the element of ether.
Element: Ether
Color: Blue
Sense: Hearing
Energy body: Vijnamaya Kosha (layer of psychic development).
Seed-mantra: Ham.
Ages of development:
28 – 35
Related day: Friday
Quest: The search for truth and the ideal and most authentic expression and fulfillment of one’s innermost being
Qualities: Authenticity, Purity, Truthfulness, Clarity Influence, Idealism, Receptivity, Peace
Blocking Fears: Fear of Rejection, criticism, indifference and injustice.  
Catharsis: Screaming, speaking out, associative talking, singing.
Best Bach flowers: Mimulus (for extreme shyness), Heather (for talkativeness), Wild oat (for choosing your vision).
Stone: Aquamarine, Turquoise.

Detox Foods, Blue foods, like blueberries. Fruits in general balance this chakra, especially those that grow on trees like apples, pears, peaches, apricots, and plums.


Throat Chakra Main Function

The Throat Chakra is the Chakra of Expression, Purity, Alignment and Truth. Its main function is that of a gateway and translator. The Throat Chakra is the first of the three higher, more spiritual chakras. Its location in the throat and neck, which also physically look like a bottleneck between the head and the lower body, is a beautiful symbolic picture of its role as a gateway and translator between the spiritual/unmanifest and physical/manifest aspects of our being.

The element of the Throat Chakra is ether; the subtle, energetic element that is translated into the four physical elements to be expressed and manifested in this world – again, a beautiful symbol of the Throat Chakra’s function. It is associated with the sense of listening for good reason: To reach purity and authenticity in our expression, we must learn to listen to our inner world and our higher truth: Our ability to express is a function of our ability to truly listen.

So the first role of the Throat Chakra is to serve as the gate through which our inner world comes out to be shown in the outer world – and just the same, through which the outer world enters our inner world to influence us. In the Throat Chakra we learn to express and translate to the world our inner truth, but we also learn to truly receive the world in pure listening.

Its second role as a gateway is as a bridge between the two upper, subtlest and most mental-spiritual Chakras, and the lower Chakras which are still related to human expressions of instincts, feelings, emotions and wishes.

Both functions require purity. For the Throat Chakra to fully function, it must be a pure channel so that we can speak unfiltered and find our authentic expression. In this light, we can understand the sanskrit name “purifier”: in the Throat Chakra we become a pure channel for the soul, that is untainted by the lower conditionings of our system.

In both roles, we can think of Vishuddha as the translator of grosser energies into more refined ones and vice versa. In the same way, it translates our deeper, more hidden feelings and emotions into a comprehensible and communicative language that we can share with the outer world.

The open Throat Chakra

When the Throat Chakra is open, it becomes a pure channel of our inner truth. The person’s inner world is naturally flowing outward, and the outer world is naturally flowing into the inner world. As a result, the person doesn’t feel so much that there are inner and outer worlds.

The general feeling is that one can freely live and express one’s inner truth, and because one’s inner world is in the open, the two worlds merge and become one and the same.

This does not mean, of course, that a balanced Throat Chakra person crazily speaks out whatever crosses their mind and heart. On the contrary, this means that one knows exactly what one wants to convey out of their inner world, when and how. There is a perfect mastery over the process of expression and translation.

Words, artistic expression or outer gestures, are masterfully selected to interact in the right moment with the right person in the right way. There is not too much overflow of expression, or too little. It is suited for the needs of one’s environment and everyone else’s benefit.

When the Throat Chakra is balanced, it becomes less and less self-centered. The inner world is not expressed for its own sake but is rather at service. This causes the development of a great sensitivity in interaction: knowing when one needs to be honest, and when one needs to be polite and diplomatic; when one is supposed to influence and direct another, and when one needs to remain reserved and quiet and even just to listen. This is also valid for one’s wills and needs; it is not always the right time to express a need or to exert one’s will.

When any of these are truly relevant, the balanced person becomes fully committed to the expression of the drive – to express until full manifestation is achieved in the world, in a visible, clear and straightforward form.

Being a sort of pipe or channel, the open Throat Chakra finally brings a person closer to becoming the “hollow bamboo”: where the flow of the soul can freely come out and express. After the first stage of opening, in which one freely expresses as a psychological entity, has been achieved, one becomes a clear channel for one’s soul.

5th Chakra psychological meaning and function

The main psychological theme of the Throat Chakra is how much we can fearlessly and clearly express our inner world of deeper feelings and truths to the world.

Our lower Chakras, from the root Chakra all the way to the heart Chakra, accumulate many feelings, experiences, emotions and wills, and along with our sixth Chakra which develops beliefs, convictions and understandings, eventually all this is driven to be expressed and voiced.

Sometimes, this gateway or bridge seems to be broken; one’s expression doesn’t manage to reach the outside world, and the experience is one of deep separation between the inner and the outer worlds.

There is a deep feeling of a rich inner world that is known only to oneself, with its very specific and private inner language. Through Vishuddha we are challenged to overcome our fears, inhibitions and unclarity, to be able to come out with an unfiltered clear voice and a clear message.

This can be as simple as knowing how to express our needs and wills, our sorrow but also our happiness and expressions of love – but it can also be the more demanding type of expression and manifestation. Can we give the right form to our dreams and visions, ideals and knowledge? Here again we are challenged to take all that we have gathered and learned and to give it a form that others can understand and be influenced by. This can take place through the different arts or different forms of teaching, lecturing and even manifesting projects that lead to public influence.

In summary, we can accumulate greatly within us, but as long as we do not express properly, we might remain in a sense of suffocation, stuckness and frustration in our Throat Chakra.

Throat Chakra blockage

The unbalanced state of Vishuddha Chakra is that of suffocation. A blockage in the Throat Chakra is caused mainly by not speaking, thinking and living in alignment with our personal highest truth.

There is a general feeling that one’s authentic world is kept hidden in the dark, and so one’s true self is not known to one’s environment. There can be a feeling of inhibition or even fear to speak out and show ourselves and even if we dare to express, things come out confused and can hardly reach one’s listeners. This feeling leads to a deeper frustration of being unheard and unrecognised in our truth that further closes down the chakra.

Not living in our own truth sometimes leads to constantly receiving the voices of others and their truth and convictions, and being influenced by them.

The sense is that one cannot really engage in an interaction of mutual influence, dreams, wishes, wills and needs. All stand in line in front the Throat Chakra’s door, but remain unheard, unseen, and unmanifest.

The inability to live in and express our authentic truth is often caused by a lack of integration in the solar plexus chakra. As long as there is an absence of a unified will and unified self in the third Chakra, one’s inner world consists more of different scattered elements, and so there is no sense of sufficient willfulness and direction. Often, to unblock the Throat Chakra one needs to go through an intense process of integration within one’s third Chakra.

Another blockage can be an imbalance in the third eye chakra, in which one lacks the sufficient coherence and clarity of thought, to really know our truth and to translate inner language into a shared and common language.

Another reason for a blocked Throat Chakra is negative thinking and doubt as these tend to take us away from our truth.

Naturally, disappointing past experiences of expression which got frustrated can be involved in the blockage. We might have attempted to express ourselves authentically – our needs, wishes, dreams and understandings – and got laughed at or ridiculed. Perhaps our unique individuality got severely criticised or we faced a seeming injustice, in which we could not properly defend our truth.

All these accumulated in the Throat Chakra as the imprint that there is no point even trying to show what we feel and that our truth will not be acknowledged anyway.

Psychological and spiritual Symptoms of a blocked Fifth Chakra

The two major symptoms of a blocked Throat Chakra are, according to one’s temperament, either talkativeness or an extremely silent and introverted personality. Both spring from the same basic condition: one’s inability to coherently bring out one’s inner world.

This can be covered up by using far too many words as an attempt to release all that is kept inside, or by censoring oneself so intensely and being so cautious that eventually one hardly speaks and sometimes even murmurs.

Whatever comes out is eventually pretty confused, and others would usually react with difficulty to grasp and follow one’s message. As in a balanced state one always uses not too many words and not too less words but exactly what is needed, the blocked fifth Chakra seems to always “miss the point”. Sometimes stuttering can appear at the other extreme of the introverted personality.

A general sense of physical suffocation in the throat can be the physical manifestation of one’s sense that things cannot come through the gateway. One could even feel a lump within the throat.

In general, the feeling would be that there is so much that is going on within oneself, but whenever one is driven to put it into words and communication, one fails to do so, and so there is a broken bridge between the inner and the outer. This can also apply to one’s dreams and manifestations: one seems to be unable to actualise visions and they tend to remain stuck in the world of ideas.

Physical Systems affected by the Blue Chakra

Naturally, the throat is the main system affected, but the effect of the Throat Chakra extends to the neck, jaws and mouth. Mouth and jaws are related to one’s feeling that one is capable of transmitting and letting flow the inner world outwardly.

Physical Symptoms of a blocked Throat Chakra

A major physical symptom is the feeling of suffocation or even a lump in the throat.

Any throat problems, such as sore throat, coughing, vocal-cord problems, throat inflammation, and sometimes even thyroid dysfunctions, may have a psychosomatic layer to them.

Stiffness in the neck can be contributed too by a fifth Chakra suffocation. Tension in the jaws and even difficulty to swallow, mouth ulcers, and any symptom related to mouth, tongue and gums, all can emerge as expression of issues of Vishuddha Chakra.

Throat Chakra healing

The main point in healing the Throat Chakra is to move into alignment with our higher truth, in the way we think, live, speak and express, to reach purity in regards to our authentic inner truth.
To do so we need to identify where and why we hold back. As a first step to healing of the Throat Chakra, one should return to all those points in life in which one mistakenly concluded that there was no point trying to express at all; any disappointing memory of injustice, or being ridiculed for one’s beliefs and truths or expression of individuality, or even a confused expression that was negatively received.

The fact that every once in awhile our expression is met negatively and even harshly by others is not special at all. Everyone’s expression, including those who are admired publicly, can be laughed at or criticised. When we harbour expectations to be always unconditionally listened to, we limit our own possibilities to ever be properly heard.

Aside from trauma healing, any kind of associative expression of one’s inner world can promote eventually more coherence. When there is a confused and contradictory inner world, associative writing or speaking to oneself or to somebody can allow an intense and spontaneous flow, so that one finally releases the suffocation until one remains with a clearer and more unified inner voice.

Singing and, in general, any kind of artistic expression can give voice to a suffocated Throat Chakra. On the other hand, sometimes silent retreats can also create a significant type of purification, in which one listens to one’s own inner world and inwardly releases all the unnecessarily accumulated stuff.

Of course, a healing of the Throat Chakra is never completed only under safe conditions. One needs to practice actual expressions, until one reaches a normal, coherent and sharable transmissions with others. Therefore, one shouldn’t shy away from public situations, as this only enhances feelings of inability.

Opening the Throat Chakra

After the first and necessary act of healing, we become more able to express properly our needs, wishes and wills. However, we do need to remember that our fifth Chakra is meant to be a service to others rather than a self-centred expression.

Thus, the major transition that makes it possible for us to move from a balanced Throat Chakra to an open one takes place the more our expression is driven by universal truths and serves more impersonal and nobler messages.

This means that we more and more move from the expression of “our truth” to sharing with others universal knowledge of the human condition, the nature of life, solutions for human suffering, and questions of meaning.

In such a condition, the open Throat Chakra is not exploited for the sake of inner release. Expressions that come out are always words and messages that are meant to benefit mankind and the mental and emotional environment.

The Throat Chakra opens the more it becomes non-egoic, but also the less one attempts to influence and persuade others forcefully. Expression then becomes non-violent and in a way, it is just there; available, but never intrusive.

Throat Chakra Meditation

Any kind of vocal meditation is obviously ideal for the Throat Chakra: any sacred chanting and singing, Mantra recitation, humming, and vocal cords clearing. Art-mediation in which one translates one’s beautiful inner parts into meditative painting or sculpting can be beneficial.

Gibberish meditation or associative writing or talking can become meditative when they lead eventually to silence: after letting all the stream of expression be released, one is left with natural silence.

Observing silence is one of the most effective types of meditation for the Throat Chakra. Silence is a great healer and purifier and makes us re-use our Throat Chakra in a far more lucid and measured way .

Communicating with people higher truth and knowledge is a deep meditation of Vishuddha Chakra. Higher forms of dialog that concern the nature of truth and reality elevate our expression and open the Chakra.

Vishuddha Chakra Summary

The feeling of intense separation between our inner world and the outer world can often be a painful one. The Throat Chakra is meant to serve as an open bridge through which communication between the two worlds becomes more and more natural, straightforward and fearless. For that to happen, we need to make sure that we are determined to come out to the daylight and become visible.

There is no point accumulating knowledge, truth, intuition and beautiful feelings within ourselves without any release. Vishuddha Chakra tells us that we are here to convey and to share. At first, what might be stored in us could be rage, sadness and other negative emotions. But the more they are cleared away, the more we find our deeper authenticity wishing to come out, not only to be recognised by others, but to benefit and serve our surroundings – as our sharing can promote beauty, peace and awareness in the world around us.


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