Chakra Chart

Comprehensive Chakra Chart with all the essential information on the Chakras such as physical location, color, meaning, blocking fears and related physical systems.

With these Chakra Charts you get the most important information on each Chakra at a glance. The Chakra Chart is a great way to explore and learn about the Chakras when you are new to the topic and are looking for a quick overview.

To learn more about the seven Chakras, please also read our in-depth introduction: The 7 Chakras.
Or go to our detailed articles on all the individual Chakras.

Chakra Chart: Overview

Chakra Chart: Essential Information

Chakra Location Color Element Main Themes Balanced State Blocked by
Root Chakra Base of spine, perineum Red Earth Security, survival, instinctual trust, physicality, patience Deep trust and a sense of security, stability and ease. At home in the body. Mistrust of life, fear of change, physical danger and pain, trauma of physical violence and abuse, poverty, aloneness
Sacral Chakra Pubic Bone, lower back Orange Water Sexuality, Sensuality, Pleasure, Emotion, Aliveness, Playfulness, Peaceful, yet passionate love for being alive. Constant sense of vibrating joy, passion, excitement and liveliness, independent of outer experiences. Moral shame, the pain of disappointment
Solar Plexus Chakra Solar Plexus Yellow Fire Will, Power, Identity Ambition, determination, courage, independence, confidence, resilience, self-dignity. Clear sense of self, healthy confidence and will, inner stability, steady nerves, integrity. Fear of Failure, social pressure, experiences of rejection and humiliation
Heart Chakra Center of chest Green Air Love, Compassion, Acceptance, Relationship, Connection Ability to love and forgive unconditionally, to truly accept life and other people, to feel genuine compassion and maintain healthy intimate relationships Abandonment, rejection, losing oneself in another.
Throat Chakra At the throat pit Blue Ether Expression, Communication, Authenticity, Influence Free expression of inner truth, free flow between the outer and inner worlds Fear of Rejection, criticism, indifference and injustice.
Third Eye Chakra Center of the head at a level slightly above the eyebrows Indigo, Purple Light Witnessing, Perception, Intelligence, Discrimination Witnessing, pure presence, clear thought, understanding seeing and discrimination. Accessing the highest forms of knowledge to tell reality from illusion. Disorientation, confusion, not knowing what is true.
Crown Chakra Top of head White, Golden Space Self-transcendence and connection with the one infinite source of life and consciousness Sense of oneness and unity, spiritual union Fear of dying, falling into the unknowable and leaving the world behind.

Chakra Chart: Physical Systems

Chakra Sense Physical Systems Gland Nerve Plexus
Root Chakra Smell Skeletal and muscular systems: spine, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles (legs and knees in particular). Adrenal Gland/
Suprarenal Gland
Sacral plexus
Sacral Chakra Taste Sexual organs, kidneys and urinary system Reproductive glands Lumbar Plexus
Solar Plexus Chakra Sight Digestive system: stomach, liver, pancreas, bowels. Pancreas gland Solar Plexus
Heart Chakra Touch Heart, lungs, arms and hands. Thymus gland Cardiac plexus
Throat Chakra Hearing Throat, neck, mouth and jaws Thyroid gland Cervical plexus
Third Eye Chakra “Sixth Sense” Forehead, eyes, ears, nose and brain Pituitary gland Carotid Plexus
Crown Chakra Pineal gland



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