6th Chakra Personality Type

The Sixth Chakra Personality Type expresses the qualities of the 3rd Eye Chakra: Intellect, Wisdom, Innovation and Observation.
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The Thinkers

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The Sixth Chakra Personality Type Overview

Presence in world population: Around 5%
Typically are found among: Philosophers, scientists, researchers, inventors, non-fiction writers, critics
General Description: Scientific, observers, original, dislike crowds, shy, arrogant
Worldview: The world as a mystery or a riddle that calls for a thorough investigation.
Gifts: Objective, brilliant, clear, perceptive, quick-thinking, listeners
Challenges: Ungrounded, detached, isolated, unable to experience
Shadow Self: The helpless bystander
Finding Balance: Finding time for non-thinking and for physical activities and pleasure
Finding Fulfillment: Following the philosophical passion by having enough alone time and a research-related profession

General Description

The classical representation of the “Thinkers” is the image of the philosopher. They are the great observers of life and humanity. Deeply opinionated and completely remote from the crowd and from the opinions of the masses, they hate thinking like everyone else They are challenging thinkers and are resistant towards authority and any structure in which they are expected to receive some accepted dogma. This aloofness makes many of them remain within the bounds of the academic world, a good place from which to look at the outside world with the sufficient distance and arrogance. The ultimate expression of the sixth type is near-torturing ambition to understand everything. Feeling that there must be some perfect order behind it all, they dedicate great attention to finding it.

Sixth Chakra Personality Type don’t experience life from the inside. When the “thinkers” think of the world, they mainly look at it from a bird’s-eye perspective. They see “principles” and “laws” more than they see actual “things” and people. Being so overloaded in their mind, on the outside they are pretty slow. They like routine and tend to develop a quite strict daily flow. They shy away from anything crowded. Though they are equipped with a certain charisma, they also don’t like to be at the front.

Their entire energy is concentrated on their overly stimulated intellect. They are very wakeful, while their physicality is not too strong. They have very strong and penetrating eyes. They share an intense, yet also a veiled and distant, gaze. They look strongly, but not at you; they try more to “understand” you, as if you were a phenomenon. This inquiring gaze is often mixed with arrogance, as they feel they “know it all.” This adds to their facial expression a sort of subtle irony, with which they watch everything and everyone. Their proud and noble appearance expresses a determination to remain unaffected and above the ordinary and mediocre human ground.


The world to “Thinkers” is a mystery or a riddle that calls for a thorough investigation. Life is something to observe and study. These intense, freethinking individuals have come to watch the game but not to really play it. The thinkers’ one true love is wisdom, as philosophy, by definition, is “love of wisdom.” Thinkers are driven to understand what happens in the “mind of God”; they have an intuition that the universe is full of intelligence, which awaits being known through their probing mind. Their ultimate happiness is when they can use their brain, which for so many is a box of repetitive survival thoughts and trivialities, for something completely higher and nobler, rising with it far above, and realizing the usually unknown supreme bliss of the mind. When a sixth Chakra Personality Type can share this greatest love with others, communicate a great clarity and achieve a union of minds, it is a source of profound happiness.


The sixth Chakra Personality Type possess a good and highly systematic scientific mind and are usually quite brilliant. They are inventive and are endowed with individualistic and unconventional ways of thinking. They are exceptionally perceptive and observant, capable of understanding things much more quickly than any other type. The “thinkers” are very curious, awake and attentive. As such, they are also great listeners.

The sixth Chakra Personality Type are the earth’s representatives of true depth: the capacity to look into something deeply and unveil its hidden and unknown layers. They are the greatest teachers in the world for the ecstasy of learning. They show us how our thinking center doesn’t have to be a source of troubling thoughts. The mind is a blessing, not a curse. They are destined to awaken in us all the feeling that just as our throat gets thirsty, so too our brain has thirst: thirst for clarity, brilliance and insight. They are our reminders that it is beautiful to inquire, contemplate, observe and study.


Living only in their heads, these persons tend to forget all about the real world, and that is why they need grounding beings around them who can actually think of small details. One of the most obvious worldly elements they tend to forget is their body, from which they too easily detach.

The ungroundedness of the “Thinkers” is a sort of ideology. They deeply believe that they are not meant to burden their heads with mundane concerns. They are also quite isolated, and not because they cannot find company but simply because they don’t like company. They are mainly married to their ideas, and their children are primarily their thoughts. For this reason, the “thinkers” are not sufficiently engaged in relationships. Surely, their greatest learning – the one that they constantly wish to overlook – is that it is not enough to observe and to think of life as an objective phenomenon.

Shadow Self

The main struggle of the “Thinkers” is resistance to humanness. They all share an acute sense of not belonging to the human experience. Not only do they not feel belonging to the human experience, they also don’t understand it at all. Their biggest problem is that they never want to get their hands dirty. They want to remain forever elegant. That is why they look at everything with interest, yet refuse to enter relationships and deal with the small and nagging details of life. Essentially, their relationship to the human experience is near disgust. However, their disgust is not complete, and they find themselves torn between two extremes. On the one hand, they are repulsed by it, and on the other hand, they want to belong. In reality, they don’t feel comfortable here because they honestly don’t know what to do: since they don’t feel that they can handle human life at all, their only way to cope with this incapability is by analyzing everything.

Finding Balance

“Thinkers” have the tendency to constantly reach the verge of a mental burnout; thinking themselves to death. So they need to take care of their mental balance, making sure that they have enough time for non-thinking. Nourishing themselves, with supplements, herbs, flower essences, nutritious foods, bodywork and lots of time in nature, is one way to prevent their mental collapse. They of course would do anything to avoid precisely those cooling elements, considering them, and other human activities, mere interruptions: humour, physical movement and activity, swimming, running, sexual activity and the worst of them all: socializing. However, they need to remember that maintaining physical and early connection is extremely important to feel the ground beneath their feet.

Finding Fulfillment

The first advice a sixth Chakra Personality Type has to follow is that they need to have enough quiet and uninterrupted time alone; “time with themselves.” In general, they shouldn’t spend too much time in crowded places. To respect their nature, they need to allow themselves the joy of philosophy and encountering higher minds. In general, any studies or professional training they might enter, they should make sure first that it activates their central quality of observation. Writing, for example, demands the outsider’s point of view. Naturally, an academic career is the ideal opportunity for laboratory or scientific research of any kind.


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