2nd Chakra Personality Type

The Second Chakra Personality Type embodies the qualities of the Sacral Chakra: Sensuality, Adventure and Creativity.
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The Artists

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The Second Chakra Personality Type Overview

Presence in world population: Around 7%
Typically are found among: Musicians, artists, comedians, stage performers, dancers, clothes designers, tour guides
General Description: Sensual, total, experimental, enthusiastic, and fun-loving
Worldview: Life is a space of full experience in the now
Gifts: Entertaining, humorous, passionate, creative
Challenges: Egotistical, childish, moody, self-destructive
Shadow Self: The “Peter Pan” syndrome
Finding Balance: Restraining self-destructive waste of energy
Finding Fulfillment: Maintaining frameworks of creativity, movement and independence

General Description

The second chakra type embodies the qualities of the Sacral Chakra. Second Chakra Personality Types are like a spice to human culture. While their most symbolic figure is the artist, “artist” here is a broad term for a general perspective of life: seeing life as art, where the interplay of colours, sounds and textures creates a platform for endlessly possible feelings and experiences.

Second Chakra Personality Types are pleasure-hunters and can be easily regarded as the greatest lovers of life. Their wish for heightened feelings leads them to seek extraordinary experiences, which makes them quite adventurous. This type are like sprinters. They don’t have much energy for more lasting processes, because they get bored easily. Since they naturally live in the moment, they are only into quick projects and endeavours. They are constantly overexcited and could easily annoy other types, because of their tendency to need to be excited. If they are not excited, they fear they might not be alive at all. They are risk-takers, extremely romantic, very moody with endless cycles of ups and downs since everything to them is either “wonderful” or “terrible”.

They are “all over the place.” If they enter a room, they let everyone know and feel that they are “here.” They are very wakeful, outgoing and easily recognizable by their large, intense and wide-open eyes. They walk and move in a passionate manner and are quick-moving. They are extremely physical and learn through the body, not through the mind, even if they listen to an intellectual lecture. If there is anything that is typical of them, it is humour and laughter. They are also keen lovers of freedom who belong only to themselves and are very hard to tame.


No doubt, the idioms, “Live fast, die young,” and, “You only live once,” are a second type copywriting. The earth seems to them like a gigantic amusement park with many attractions to experiment with. To understand life you must enter it with totality. Life as a whole was designed for experience, and you came to earth to devour life, to take in everything and to “seize the day.” As such, life cannot be taken too seriously.

As ones who are dominated by the feeling center, they want to feel everything as strongly as possible. Their hunt is turned towards states of ecstasy. As the earth’s experts in engaging in experience and feeling fiery energies, overwhelming sensuality and immense beauty, they look with pity at all those who struggle to do the same. The “artists” feel alive only when they have peak experiences and ultimate pleasures; when they manage to reach the best food, the best music, or the best landscape. They get bored easily when things stop stimulating their senses and they immediately conclude that life, real life, must be “elsewhere.”


“Artists” are colourful and entertaining and are gifted with a liberating sense of humour and laughter. Their high level of natural joy, cheerfulness and enthusiasm makes it attractive to be around them. This type are the greatest teachers in the world for awakening our numb feeling center. They represent the totality and passion that can fill us when we are eager to exhaust life’s experiences and to feel life fully. They are the reminders of the intensity and the blessing of the moment. They can awaken in us the wish to embrace our natural energies and the joy of the physical body, including our sexual potential, telling us that we shouldn’t be too moral and rigid.

In addition, the second type are sensitive to beauty and nature. They are effortlessly endowed with a developed physical intelligence as well, which enables them to know what is right and what is wrong for them through the body.


The second type are quite egotistical, and to a certain degree might even be narcissistic, since to them everything, including people, revolves around their feelings. As eternal “Peter Pans”, they can be impulsive and hasty, and this sometimes makes them unreliable. As well as a second Chakra type knows how to enjoy, they also know very well how to be depressed. When they sink, they really freefall. They can also burn themselves out energetically very easily due to their hyper-excitement and are prone to addictions and obsessions and other self-destructive tendencies. Because of this, they might be quickly consumed by their own flare.

Shadow Self

Surely the laziest humans on earth, the “Artists” suffer from a “Peter Pan syndrome”: never wanting to grow up. Just like little children, they just want to have fun and remain irresponsible, selfish and deeply uncommitted. In reality, they live in tremendous fear. It is the deep dread that if they gave themselves away to something, they would literally die. That is why they spend their whole lives jumping around.

Finding Balance

Like eternal children, second chakra type feel as if they have an endlessly flowing, superfluous energy, but this can be misleading. That is why it is important not to burn themselves out. They need to make sure that their lifestyle doesn’t get out of hand. They also need to find healthy alternatives for ecstasy and replace stimulating substances and self-destructive experiments with healthy choices such as forms of spiritual trance, dancing, merging with nature, or intense prana practices.

Finding Fulfillment

“Artists” should be careful not to enter a life of commitments and routines, otherwise their spirit might dry out. They must find frameworks that respect their love of freedom and that allow their love of life. The professions of a second Chakra Personality Type should ensure their independence, a sufficient space for creativity and room for initiative spirit. More generally, if they want to be happy, they must be active with their body. Beautiful music and dance are their best helpers and channelers of energy.


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