1st Chakra Personality Type

The first Chakra Personality Type embodies the main qualities of the Root Chakra : Stability, Loyalty, groundedness and a love for physical structures and details.
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The Builders

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The First Chakra Personality Type Overview

Presence in world population:  Around 40%
Typically are found among: Policemen, lawmakers, accountants, doctors, programmers, technicians, construction workers, cartographers, secretaries
General Description: Lovers of small details, earthly, grounded, gentle, diligent, repetitive
Worldview: The world is a place of building and patient action
Gifts: Loyal, stable, practical
Challenges: Lethargy, stuckness, attachment
Shadow Self: Refusing to change and to let go
Finding Balance: Beware of too much balance
Finding Fulfillment: Join and support healthy structures

General Description

The “Builders” constitute 40% of the world population. Just like the foundational Root Chakra which they embody, they constitute the solid base of world population as the ones who are “in charge” of the material and earthly plane. Their impressive number reflects well their fundamental role in human society. They are the caretakers of all those small details, which may seem boring and grey but without them the entire material world would collapse at once. Everything we see around us and consider obvious – from our well-built houses to the food that awaits us in abundance in the supermarkets to the financial and legal systems –  is the handiwork of silent, sometimes almost invisible first Chakra type. It is a great irony that the major Chakra type is also the most underestimated one. The reason for that is that they are the least “romantic”, poetic, or colourful type.

Dominated by the instinctual center and the physical body, the first type have quite an earthly appearance: grounded and heavy and with a solid constitution that tends to overweight. Their eyes are soft and they are generally quiet and gentle people. They are also relatively slow in movement and reaction. Since they really don’t like being eccentric or outsiders, they usually place themselves in conventional frameworks of belonging and service. They are highly productive and labor-loving. They passionately speak for hours about tiny details and dedicate their entire energy to ensure that everything would fall into place.

They love settling down and creating a home. Their connection to the land – to their homeland, house and territory – is as deep as it gets. The “Builders” don’t like going on adventures and are reluctant to undergo extreme changes in their life. They don’t like innovation that comes as a tremendous shock. They are also readily obedient to the law and love joining greater collective organisms to build together.


The first type see the world as a space to build in. There is no greater meaning in life than the one found in steady and persistent construction, improving the foundations and strengthening our roots. They are lovers of the material and objective world, attracted to forms and shapes and anything that can become tangible and straightforward realities. Fascinated by the deep intelligence of matter and the beauty of material patterns, when they walk around they immediately spot all those elements that could make the infrastructure even better. They are not so interested in the “why” of things. They would rather ask: “How does the world work?”

The first type’s motto is that “God is in the details”. Since this is a world of action, to get something done we cannot rely on the brightness of vision or the excitement of a sudden impulse. What we truly require is repetition: establishing some constant patterns of behavior and action, based on the qualities of steadiness, perseverance and diligence. The first type love the most this feeling of a long-term building which demands taking a deep breath. They are very suspicious about anything that seems too fiery and thrilling. Their meaning and happiness lie in achieving uninterrupted security and stability, finding a place on earth to which one belongs, and belonging to family or ‘tribe’.


They are deeply loyal and trustworthy, extraordinarily patient, and generally gentle and relaxed. Their presence bestows on those around them a sense of peace.

They are endowed with a supreme practical intelligence and are our teachers for a right way of living. They lead us to a way of balance and health, reminding us that without a safe ground, no healthy life can ever flourish. This personality teaches us the great importance of stable structures. They show us the beauty and joy of routine, as an element that connects us to a sense of cyclical rhythm. The “Builders” also encourage us to overcome laziness and to cultivate more diligence, love of effort and patience.


The first type tend to dullness and sometimes even apathy and lethargy. Their balance quickly turns into “over-balance”, and they move between the pair of opposites of lethargy and diligence. They might suffer from exhaustion, overweight, slow digestion, and attachment to food. They are also deeply attached to the past and tend to get stuck in it.

Their most persistent negative emotion is worry, which can even escalate into anxiety. They easily become over-serious and even rigid, following rules, habits and rituals out of moral code which they also expect other to obey. The first type’s attachment to the familiar can keep them in very unhappy circumstances, such as a failing marriage or a distressing work. Their diligence and love of details easily make them get caught in trivialities.

Shadow Self

The main struggle of the “builders” with life is that they don’t like a world of change. It is as if they simply don’t understand why the divine or the higher reality would create a changing world when it could have created stable and unchanging forms that would last forever. They wish for an eternal stability, making reality fixed and repetitive. With the aid of details and belonging to stable structures, they basically fight all their life against life, trying to prevent change and also death. This struggle makes them develop a certain way of coping with weakness. It is a form of revenge against life: if life is changing, at least I will not change and will turn myself into a frozen self.

Finding Balance

The first type should be aware of their lethargic tendencies. They should avoid resting too much, eat light foods, spend time in the company of lighthearted and wakeful people, and have their (much-needed) routine coloured with some quick movement and action. Every now and then a first type need to go to some “intentional adventure”.

Finding Fulfillment

The first type need to shamelessly enjoy their peaceful routine, stable lifestyle and solid structures. They are not meant to battle with themselves by entering some trying conditions or unstable environment. Instead of questioning their general bent to structures, they should ask themselves what kind of structures make them the happiest. A happy first-type job has always something to do with creating and supporting collective structures.


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