About 7Wisdoms

Our passion is the full realization of human potential.

The human experience is an extraordinary journey,  filled with little earthly joys, heroic acts of transformation and cosmic possibility. By truly walking this journey, we inevitably also walk into our destiny as human beings: To become an active bridge between our material expression and our deepest nature as infinite consciousness.

Fortunately, there exists a map for this journey: The Seven Chakras. They serve both as a template for our true human potential and as a guide to our path.

7Wisdoms.org is dedicated to the revelation of the deep wisdom hidden in the Chakras and to the exploration of the Chakras as a natural and practical path of  human evolution.

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Our Team

Shai Tubali


Chakra expert, spiritual teacher, authority in the field of Kundalini and the subtle body system, lives in Berlin where he runs a school for spiritual development and holds seminars, trainings, satsangs, and retreats.

He has written 20 books on spirituality and self-development, including Wake Up, World, a bestseller in Israel, and The Seven Wisdoms of Life, winner of the USA Best Books Award and finalist for the Book of the Year Award

David Rotter


Writer, thinker, chakra enthusiast. Founder of several blogs on spirituality, the chakras and holistic health.







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