3rd Chakra Personality Type

The Third Chakra Personality Type embodies the qualities of the Solar Plexus Chakra: Will, Ambition, Competition and Focus.
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The Achievers

Are you a Third Chakra Personality Type?


The Third Chakra Personality Type Overview

Presence in world population: Around 25%
Typically are found among: Warriors, soldiers, businessmen, mountain-climbers, olympic athletes, heavy metal bands, rappers, gang and mafia people
General Description: Ambitious, competitive, willful, focused
Worldview: Life as a potential and self as a hero
Gifts: Determination, strategic intelligence, crisis-management
Challenges: Indifference to emotions, anger, frustration
Shadow Self: “I do therefore I exist”
Finding Balance: Overcoming themselves instead of overcoming others
Finding Fulfillment: Channeling intensity through healthy and constructive channels

General Description

The Third Chakra Personality Types embody the qualities of the Solar Plexus Chakra. They are marathon runners: steadily advancing while constantly having the golden medal in mind. They are those who dream of climbing a mountain not for the sake of the adventure but because they want to reach the top. They dream to achieve world fame and show everyone that they are an outstanding “someone”. As such, they are highly attracted to competition, winning and mastering internal and external powers. They literally seek all those yet unachieved or even seemingly unachievable field, thinking “What would it be like if I became number one in this?” Since they like winning wars and building empires, they are the “conquerors” of the world in any field. In this way, they also push the society forward to a further progress.

Governed by the willing center, the third personality has a highly developed intelligence of willing: the capacity of unwavering focus on the target. If they get stuck, they don’t mind as long as they see the goal ahead, thus they keep on trying hard. They are intensely future-orientated, always thinking of what’s next and what could be “better”. They are deeply identified with doing. They are the ones who are always endlessly “busy”: always running to somewhere, never having time, with a schedule so tight that they often divide it into fifteen-minute activities. This unique goal-targeted constitution keeps them often uninterested even in their own feelings.

“Achievers” look both energetic and strong. Their posture is decisive and resolute. They are highly focused, always speak “to the point”, and are clearly driven by a reason to engage in communication. They are highly practical people in the sense that they don’t have time for too much contemplating and discussing.


“Achievers” perceive life as a potential. Through our willpower and determination we could fully realize this potential and thus make life into a “success story”; a story of courage, consistent effort, resistance to any form of giving up and eventually, a triumph. The third Chakra Personality Type seek in the world the experience of confidence, power, control and self-expansion. The sense of enhanced power is their particular self-fulfillment. They believe that one participates in life through following one’s wills and ambitions.

Their experience of happiness is “achieved” when they sense that life has fulfilled its maximal potential by heroically reaching a seemingly unachievable goal. The true self is a warrior, a hero of its own drama, and one’s mission is to break the shackles and to make one’s spirit victorious over the weak flesh and any seemingly overpowering element from within or without. Their worldview as a whole is a mythology of heroism.


One of the greatest positive qualities of the “Achievers” is their exceptional determination. In general, they are gifted with what can be termed “strategic intelligence”: the intelligence that knows how to set a goal and to reach it step by step. They have an impressive capacity to overcome challenges and obstacles and they also possess a high capacity to handle crisis and are efficient decision-makers.

The third Chakra Personality Type are here to teach everyone else how to believe in their capacity to become a success story. They teach us that wanting is not a sin but rather a crucial aspect of the manifestation of life and self. The “Achievers” also provide us with the keys to shaping our own future and to creating our fate. They guide us to be courageous enough to become heros of our story, by finding the hero within.


While they are gifted with the sufficient patience that keeps them fixed on their goal, “Achievers” are utterly impatient towards people’s difficulties and processes that seem to stretch without end. The “Achievers” are intense control-freaks and that is why they can get very angry. They do not see a person but a hindrance and so rage is their violent way to attempt to remove it. This makes intimate relationships one of their weakest fields. They also see enemies everywhere. “Enemies” to them is a very broad term, extending to include anyone that seems to thwart their mission. Here it is like the remnants of the classical “warrior” inside them that is always ready to fight.

The “Achievers” are frequently intensely materialistic and greedy. Ironically, they are forever frustrated: even when they do reach a goal, since their mechanism is all about wanting to reach a goal, they immediately think of the next one.

Shadow Self

The main struggle of the “achievers” is that they always try to be a “someone.” What they fear the most is failure in achieving this. This is why they feel they could never stop doing. If they stopped doing for a moment, they might die or remain with nothing, which is as good as dying. The third type only know how to look at themselves from the outside. To a certain extent, they do not have an “inside.” The fact is that even if they are successful, they are still trapped in this state of inner hunger, since there is always someone who is ranked higher on the social ladder and there is no end to growth and expansion. They overlook the fact that internally living in the future, counting on becoming a great success one day, is not a way to live.

Finding Balance

Perhaps the greatest key to balancing the third Chakra Personality Type is by channeling some of their energy of conquest toward themselves to attain self-overcoming. Their mission is to transform their intense search for power into a quest for inner power. Another powerful balancing key for the third type is the element of the heart: adding the spice of emotions such as love and selflessness to anything they do can at once transform the quality of their action. With their heart’s presence, they will be able to avoid forcing their natural energy on others.

Finding Fulfillment

It is important not to suppress their natural and healthy high-voltage energy. Many may tell them to relax or to be less ambitious and daring, yet this is valid only when they become self-destructive or egoistic. Otherwise, they should ensure they keep their fundamental intensity alive. Wherever they are placed, they should be used for “doing business”; natural-born businessmen and businesswomen, they are practical, good at negotiating, and confidently translate any concept into an effective strategy of selling and marketing.


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