Full Chakra Activation

Full Chakra Activation

Awaken the seven Hidden Powers inside You!

Learn how to access and activate your 7 Chakras in 21 days.
Get all the tools you need to start a journey of personal and spiritual growth

The Full Chakra Activation Course is the perfect starting point for your Chakra journey. It directly activates the Chakras through a sequence of simple and intuitive meditations – without the need for hour-long meditations or needlessly complicated energy-work.

Are you looking for an intuitive way to access your Chakras?
Do you want to learn how to use the Chakras to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth?
Are you searching for proven, effective & real-life techniques to open the Chakas?
Do you want the whole toolbox of meditations?

Then you are just in the right place.
The Chakras are without doubt one of the most powerful approaches to self-actualization. Learn how to use them in this 21-day-long course, that will provide you with a rich toolbox of intuitive meditations and techniques to kickstart your personal Chakra journey.

Why the Chakras are so important

If you made it to this website, chances are you are already aware of the important role the Chakras play in our lives. These energetic centers determine the way we experience ourselves and the world, and how much the soul can express itself in our lives and in our being.

Each Chakra holds a profound hidden power waiting to be awakened in every single one of us. They are lying dormant and unrealized for most people, yearning to be fully activated and expressed.

These hidden powers are not just for the yogis or rare enlightened beings – they are part of what it means to be truly human.

The seven Powers:

Root Chakra Symbol
Unshakeable Stability
Sacral Chakra Symbol
Unconditional joy, passion and vitality
Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol
Authentic power
Heart Chakra Symbol
Love and Emotional abundance
Throat Chakra Symbol
Fearless expression and vision
Third Eye Chakra Symbol
Clarity and knowing
crown chakra symbol
Oneness and spiritual liberation

The POwer Of Chakra Activation


Maybe you have already tried some of the Chakra Meditations that are available in great numbers on youtube or elsewhere. Chances are you still feel somewhat unsure how to approach this huge universe inside of you – or even stuck because you found that these processes so far just did not really work for you.

If that is where you are, we have the perfect course for you. This course is all about Chakra Activation and getting to know your Chakras so intimately that it will become completely natural for you to feel them constantly in your daily life.

Let me explain.

How it works

Each Chakra corresponds to a very specific frequency, a feeling, a state of being that unlocks the Chakra’s dormant power. If we manage to resonate that frequency, to hit that specific note, the Chakra begins to  to expand, awaken and heal from the inside out.

Transformation is possible for everyone. And the simple reason you can have full confidence in this is that your Chakras already have these amazing powers inside them.

These powers do not need to be produced or learned, they simply need to be awakened and realized. We are all literally like beggars, sitting on a huge treasure chest!

About Shai Tubali

Shai Tubali is a bestselling author of several award-winning books on the topics of the Chakras, spiritual transformation, and psychology. Shai is an enthusiastic postgraduate researcher at the University of Leeds in the UK, currently occupied with his PhD research in the field of the philosophy of mysticism.

Over the last 18 years he has guided thousands of people worldwide on the journey to their innermost being. Shai has established the new international center Human Greatness in Berlin, Germany: a model of a holistic way of life in light of the chakras, which also introduces the many therapeutic and meditative methods he has developed.

His holistic teaching of spiritual transformation and self-development emphasizes the importance of balancing and awakening all of our seven centers of wisdom in order to attain true self-fulfillment and an authentic flourishing of true human potential.

Join Chakra expert Shai Tubali for a process of systematic chakra activation and come in contact with your true power and potential!

The simple art of Chakra Activation

Over the years I discovered a handful of beautifully simple but powerful tools to activate the Chakras’ hidden powers and to make them a living reality. They do not involve any needlessly complicated energy work or fancy visualizations. They also do not require endless hours of meditation that are difficult for modern people to incorporate into their lives. These techniques literally only take minutes to learn because they awaken a frequency in you that is already there, waiting to be revealed.

 The true beauty of this method is that can be applied to your normal daily life instantly and will start to transform not only your inner world but also your outer life.

The secret of Chakra Activation is that it works through feeling resonance, directly activating each Chakras unique power. Like the dial on a radio, you learn how to precisely tune in to each Chakras frequency and activate its hidden power.

A clear path of transformation

The Full Chakra Activation Course

This course combines all of these simple but powerful techniques into a 21-Day long process: The Full Chakra Activation. In this course, we will spend two or more days on each Chakra, with precise and short meditations that lead you to feel and embody the specific qualities of each Chakra. Through this process, you will discover and embody these hidden powers for yourself.

This course is a perfect starting point for your Chakra journey and will equip you with many direct personal experiences and a rich toolbox of techniques to start your daily practice. I am confident this course is the most straightforward, condensed and down to earth Chakra Course you will find. It consists of simple tools that really work, for anyone, in all walks of life.

21 Powerful MeditationS

A complete toolbox of powerful Chakra Meditations. Proven, no-nonsense methods, successfully tested with thousands of participants.

Inspiring Audio-Lecturess

Understand your Chakras in a deep and profound way with these exclusive lectures from Chakra expert Shai Tubali.

365 days full Access to all materials

1 year full access to the online campus with the 21-days challenge and all guided meditations. All audios can also be downloaded as mp3 audios.

How To Participate

The Challenge starts right away after your registration. Over a period of 21 days you will receive a new lesson every day.

Your time investement is 10-20 minutes per day

Daily online lectures. participate from wherever you are.

Guided Meditations and exercises as download

What this course is not.

The tools and meditations in this course are simple but powerful and are guaranteed to be of great value to anyone who applies them. However, we do not want to raise unrealistic expectations, so here is what this course is not:

  • A magic pill that will miraculously heal all your issues or traumas
  • An instant-enlightenment fix
  • A miracle cure that will work by only keeping it on your hard-drive without ever applying it
  • A magic spell that will turn you into Harry Potter overnight (sorry!)

Rather, these are real-world techniques that actually work, if you truly give yourself to them, apply them in your daily life and are aware that real change might start with subtle, yet profound shifts, that slowly grow into huge transformations.

How Particpants Feel About this Course:



15 min

Transform your life with only 15 Minutes…

This course is meant to be incorporated into your daily life. We learned that it is hard to really commit to an online course that is too time-consuming or complex and requires too much discipline. Therefore, we kept the required time investment as low as possible.

All you need to do is to make room for 15 focused minutes with the actual audio meditations and then work with simple daily practices throughout your normal daily life. Everyone can do that. You have one frequency, one task per day to stay focused on. And yes, I believe true transformation needs to be actualized in life, not only on the meditation cushion.




…and $1 a day!

The financial investment is even lower: To make this course accessible for everyone, we offer it for an almost ridiculous $21 dollars- that is just $1 per day!

We think this course is the perfect starting point if you want to learn about the chakras and how to work with them on a daily basis. So we want to remove all financial barriers here. We want this to make a change in as many lives as possible. A change that – if you truly think about it – is absolutely priceless.

Full Chakra Activation

21 Day Challenge
$ 21 One Time
  • 22 powerful Meditations
  • 21 Inspiring Lectures
  • 365 days access to the online campus
  • Downloadable meditations

100% Money Back Guaratee

And if you still hesitate: This course is covered by a 60-day, 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

If you do not like what you get, just tell us and you get an immediate refund.

Yes, there is really no risk at all.

I want to participate!


If you have any further questions, you can reach us at: contact@7wisdoms.org