5th Chakra Personality Type

The Fourth Chakra Personality Type embodies the qualities of the Throat Chakra: Expression, Vision, Guidance and Idealism.
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The Speakers

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The Fifth Chakra Personality Type Overview

Presence in world population: Around 7%
Typically are found among: Journalists, authors, editors, translators, teachers, principals, politicians, judges, lawyers, salesmen, singers
General Description: Charismatic, leaders, educators, visionary, ungrounded, manipulative
Worldview: The world as a space of opportunities for expression, influence and dream manifestation
Gifts: Enthusiastic, optimistic, idealistic, inspiring
Challenges: Dreamy, megalomaniac, inflexible, stubborn, unrelaxing
Shadow Self: The all-controlling manipulator
Finding Balance: Being practical and accepting step-by-step processes
Finding Fulfillment: Committing yourself to helping others to change

General Description

The Fourth Chakra Personality Types embody the qualities of the Throat Chakra. The “speakers” constitute only around seven percent of the world population, yet due to their leading role and media presence, they seem to be everywhere. They make ideas run through a culture, functioning as bridges between ideas and people. Any good lecturer and leader have the fifth type at least as their secondary and often as their major personality type. All fifth Chakra Personality Type are potential leaders and share some level of this magnetising power; the capacity to find the right words by locating the right need of a person in front of them. This capacity makes them highly manipulative. We can also find the “speakers” among effective “translators” and explainers of systems, since they know exactly how to translate ideas and methods into a common language that many can grasp. Not only they are the superb explainers and interprets of systems, they also know how to connect one idea to another and form a synthesis. They are to be found in abundance among teachers, guides, coaches, and experts, and love educating. This tendency leads them also to becoming missionaries, feeling they are the saviours of mankind.

Dominated by the communicating center, the “speakers” want to be seen. In fact, they are the most visible beings of the human map. They find it essential to leave their mark and for this reason, many of them like being on stage. As ones who are mainly interested in the grand vision, they are not so grounded and practical. They tend to tell others what to do; find “workers” while mostly avoiding doing themselves. Since they don’t like the step by step that follows from their own vision, they are inclined to believing that a few steps on their part are meant to be enough; all the rest will somehow happen by itself. With their gaze turned to the distant horizon, they often miss what is just under their nose, human emotions in particular.

They have a strong, solid, straightforward and wakeful appearance. Their facial outlines are pretty sharp and are followed by a sharp look too. They tend to be very outwardly, as if they are with their faces turned to the world. They possess a high environmental awareness: When entering a room, they are a bit like a politician who comes ready to shake hands. They have a certain diplomatic expression, since in many respects they feel they are forever in a role of impressing others and leading to a fruitful outcome in communication. While they may make you feel like they are really interested in speaking and listening to you, there is always some “plan” behind their communication.


To “Speakers”, the world is a space of opportunities for expression. The possibility of making a change is the force that ignites their passion. It is a certain inner vision, which concerns not only one’s own life but also others’. They are dreamers, seeing inside themselves a possibility of another reality. The “speaker” is driven to release this inner vision in order to make a change, and it is all about being total about it – following one’s voice and inner vision – that matters. It is a dream rooted so deeply in the far-off future that one could never possibly fully attain it in one’s own lifetime.

When there are moments in life where there is an opportunity for a natural flow of expression, something that makes others respond to you deeply, that is what one calls “happiness”. It is almost like the experience of birth giving: one takes one’s inner truth, knowledge and wisdom, gives voice to them, and bring forth a change in the listener. The “speakers” envision the world as a space of manifestation and so, in the hope to deepen their impact, often seek to “organize” their beliefs, forming structures and movements.


The fifth Chakra Personality Type are enthusiastic and passionate beings. Their strong faith in their visions and dreams tends to keep them energetic, wakeful and optimistic. They are intensely idealistic and equipped with a deep sensitivity to injustice. They are also strong individuals and are capable of non-conformism. With their diplomatic style, they often impress people with their charm. Though they are fully aware of their social role and never deeply blend, they are adaptable and can even be quite entertaining.

The greatest role of “Speakers” is to bring to teach us ideas that can change our lives. They are our teachers, the ones who are destined to influence us and shape our minds and hearts. They appear in our life as a stimulating, inspiring, inflaming and awakening force, that draws to change, gathering and adopting new ideas. This force drives us to look to the horizon of possibilities, where we can think of ourselves as well as of our future potential in far-reaching and enormous measures. This type knows exactly which language to choose to bring out our truest, most courageous self, and to draw our hidden potential. They are beneficial consultants to people who are at a point of stuckness in life.


The fifth Chakra Personality Type are inherently almost too ambitious. The scope of vision they see before their mind’s eye is far too wide for them to contain. Sometimes they even cultivate grandiose ideas on the verge of the megalomaniac. They are also intense controllers of reality. As natural-born visionaries, they cultivate a vision about any area in their life and can hardly bear a deviation caused by external circumstances or other people’s visions. Simply put, to them it is always “my way or the highway”. The “speakers” are usually experienced by others as overly intense, exhausting in talking and demanding. It feels like they simply want too much – to be recognized, to leave an impression and to get what they need from the other. They feel they must affect and control anything said or done around them. This keeps them unable to relax even for a single moment and entraps them in an ongoing state of existential tension.

Shadow Self

The main struggle of the “Speakers” with life is their wish to make everyone submit. They walk around wanting everything to happen exactly according to their plan. Their greatest fear is that things will get out of hand. Behind it, there is a great anxiety, since they have no idea what to do in real life. They only know how to live in their dream and don’t know what one could do outside the vision. Their way of coping is through endlessly manipulating everyone: pushing all the time, while pretending that they only want to make you happy and that it is “your” shared interest and not just theirs.

Finding Balance

Since the fifth Chakra Personality Type tend to immerse themselves in dreams too big to contain or fulfill, they become scattered and often refrain from taking even one practical step. They should allow themselves to dream wildly, but then return to reality and ask themselves: “What parts of this dream are close enough to my reality and what can be translated into a next step?” They need to keep on moving, one step after another, and not become paralyzed by the enormity of their own vision. They should also be careful not to seek to influence all the time. It is good to influence, but overdoing it can easily become aggressive, argumentative and manipulative. They don’t have to win every argument or convince everybody. Sometimes they should be wise enough to just let go.

Finding Fulfillment

Any fifth Chakra Personality Type needs to influence; this is a basic condition for their self-fulfillment. The first step for this to happen is to trust that influence is a good thing. They should as much as possible lead people towards some change. The easiest is to live a small and hidden life. Everyone would tell the fifth type, “Stop dreaming, be realistic!” and still, for a “Speaker” there will always be a nagging voice inside. At their deepest soul level, the “Speakers” exist for the world and if they don’t contribute to a bigger change, their innermost remains unrealized.


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