7th Chakra Personality Type

The Seventh Chakra Personality Type expresses the qualities of the Crown Chakra: Mysticism, Detachment, Renunciation and Meditation.
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The Yogis

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The Seventh Chakra Personality Type Overview

Presence in world population: Around 1%
Typically are found among: Mystics, saints, priests, monks, nuns, contemplatives, ascetics, yogis, shamans, renunciates, sadhus, sorcerers, spiritual masters
General Description: Subjective, natural renunciates, simple, spacey, uninvolved
Worldview: Life as the spirit’s eternal play.
Gifts: Gentle, harmless, accepting, restful, immovable, non-attached
Challenges: Disoriented, indifferent, unproductive, irresponsible, hypersensitive
Shadow Self: The anti-life meditator
Finding Balance: Honoring the human existence and activating the heart
Finding Fulfillment: Making life’s structures only a platform for an intense inner life

General Description

The “Yogis” express the qualities of the Crown Chakra and include any kind of natural-born renunciates and monks within any culture or nation. They are most commonly found among those who seem to be naturally destined for monastic life and were usually drawn to separate from the busy human world in quite an early age. In such supportive environments they feel allowed to follow the direction of their natural energy: turning their gaze inward to meditate, devote themselves to God, or research the subtle and mystical domains. Since they are most enthusiastic about studying the subjective domains of consciousness, they can also be found among mystics and contemplatives who dedicate their lives to mapping the inner world and distinguishing the various methods of spiritual refinement. The “Yogis”’ interest in the inner domains may also lead them to a deep passion for a communication with invisible forces, becoming priests and priestesses, sorcerers or Shamans.

Dominated by the spiritual center, they want to return to what they perceive as the purest state prior to all creation. Creation seems too diverse and contradictory, while they wish to become absorbed in space or light. This makes them pretty simple people without much pretension. They don’t speak much and use only a few words to express. They also don’t have great ambitions and can easily forget themselves for long hours of self-absorption. The seventh Chakra Personality Type naturally experience only a low degree of Libido, need to battle very little with physical urges, and are unattracted to establishing coupleship or family units.

To the outside world the “Yogis” seem introverted, dreamy, spacey and nearly-transparent. They have an airy-looking structure and they seem quite fragile, with a veiled, distant and uninvolved gaze, as if they are in their own world. Their entire being and expression are that of the renunciate. They are mostly calm, since they have a very cool type of energy. However, this coolness makes them pleasant to their surroundings and at the same time, quite cold. There is always some distance between them and others, because they are not really fully here.


The “Yogis”’ most fundamental worldview is founded on their strong intuition that they don’t belong to creation but rather to the great spirit. Life as a whole is nothing more than a divine play: an eternal game of hide and seek in which spirit plays with itself through myriad forms and energies yet secretly knows all along that only it exists. In a way, they only apparently “fell from grace” by taking form, yet essentially their true existence has always remained purely spiritual. Effortlessly incurious, they consider the world a veil which needs to be removed in order to reveal the one true invisible and subjective world of spirit. While everything comes and goes, and history is cyclical, what really matters is the unchanging truth, or truths, beneath all natural change.

The meaning is found only in the inner journey, by making use of the opportunity of life to delve into consciousness, devote oneself to invisible realities or attain spiritual enlightenment. Our only job in this lifetime is to devote our energy to the divine or subjective reality and to avoid as much as possible distracting trivialities. The seventh Chakra Personality Type are the happiest when they feel they no longer belong to the earth’s densities, that they have reached the end of human search within the world of objects and have succeeded in transcending all pleasures, pains and earthly attachments. There is no greater fulfillment than the sense of unchaining our being and going back “home” as fully released souls.


The presence of the seventh Chakra Personality Type is gentle and airy and has a cooling effect on their surroundings. They are harmless beings and they express very little anger or demand. They are uncomplicated in their approach to life and in the way they handle relationships. Their deterministic worldview allows them to accept reality without much resistance and inner quarrel. They demonstrate a high spiritual intelligence and grasp intuitively what others struggle to understand. They are also highly capable of letting go of possessions and attachments.

The seventh Chakra Personality Type’s highest destiny is to promote the idea of an inner journey: the principle of delving into the invisible domain of our very own consciousness, as an invaluable and complementary experience of human life. They are our teachers for inner illumination, showing us how essential it is for our deeper sanity to have an inner domain at all. They represent for us the aspect of immovability: the place at the core of our being which forever remains unshaken. This is their gift of the buddha smile that knows the difference between that which is passing and that which is eternal. The seventh Chakra Personality Type help us get away from the rat-race and learn the art of true rest and silence. They also inspire us not to attach to objects, people and physical existence.


In a materialistic and secular society “Yogis” are considered anti-social, unfitting and unwilling to contribute to the general system. Being perceived in this light keeps them in a state of frustration and struggle, stuck between the worlds. The way they manage their external affairs is ungrounded and disoriented by nature and they may easily turn into drifters, unable to work, indifferent to the world, isolated and intensely hypersensitive. The “Yogis” keep pushing away any complicated and challenging situations and try as much as possible to overlook unpleasant realities. This wish to remain indifferent in the face of any human drama makes them quite inattentive and uncaring in personal relationships. They are often irresponsible and unproductive, which compels those around them to take on the more grounding aspects of their shared life. When the “Yogis” enter states or periods of deep meditation, they become even more ungrounded and their inherent rejection of their own body worsens.

Shadow Self

The “Yogis” main struggle is their very resistance to existence. They simply resist existing. In a way, their whole wish is to feel nothing, know nothing, and be nothing. Resisting their whole experience in a physical body, they always seem to want to return to a womb-like state; a state in which nothing happens and no development is needed. They want to remain white and airy, like a feather, never touching the ground. The way they cope with their weakness is by entering their inner world even more. Often their meditation becomes a disguise for the much baser fact that they simply don’t want to handle anything. They want to let everyone around them do the hard work and take care of all the details, while they retain their greatest pride – being completely untouched, uninterested and dispassionate, and keeping themselves beyond all “those things.”

Finding Balance

The key to balancing the seventh Chakra Personality Type is accepting that there is a point in being in a body and experiencing a human life. The missing link here that could release the type from a limiting subjective view is the heart. The human heart bridges between deep spirituality and life in the world. The general balancing instruction is “Don’t ignore”, that is, make sure you are in contact with the other components of your being. Taking responsibility for something or someone, even if it is “just” a pet, is also a balancing element for them.

Finding Fulfillment

“Yogis” need to understand that their difficulty to integrate in society is not caused only by fear, suppression and avoidance. It is rather their essential structure, which they themselves need to accept. Even if they choose to remain in the society, this should still be done minimally. Their lifestyle – everything they do in life – is meant to only create a platform for an intense spiritual life. The seventh Chakra Personality Type should honour their need for meditation, retreats, and periods of isolation and silence. They need to be able to create a certain sacred atmosphere in their environment and make their home an ashram-like space. This is their only way for genuine happiness and so, they need to carefully and thoughtfully form their very own solid meditative structures.


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