4th Chakra Personality Type

The Fourth Chakra Personality Type embodies the qualities of the Heart Chakra: Sensitvity, Intimacy, Sharing and Emotion.
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The Caretakers

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The Fourth Chakra Personality Type Overview

Presence in world population: Around 15%
Typically are found among: Therapists, healers, mediators, activists, volunteers, religious devotees, family people
General Description: Devoted, emotional, sensitive, intimate, soothing
Worldview: The world is a space of emotional exchange
Gifts: Considerate, gentle, peaceful, forgiving, accepting
Challenges: Over-emotional, hypersensitive, demanding, possessive
Shadow Self: An insatiable need for confirmation
Finding Balance: Making sure that the emotional excess is channeled to others rather than to oneself
Finding Fulfillment: Finding a profession that enables abundant sharing

General Description

The fourth Chakra Personality Types embody the qualities of the Heart Chakra and express and demonstrate the power of emotion and love. Their main passion is to bring people together, unify and make sure that there is harmony all around. Most commonly, we can find them among those whose thrill is to form loving family units, raise children, cultivate friendships and create opportunities for intimacy. A more intense expression of this personality is found among many activists, humanists, animal rights protectors, social dreamers and world rectifiers. In whatever place you may locate them, you will most surely find them immersed in some kind of an intense form of giving and devotion. “Devotion” is their key-word as well as key-experience: whether it is to family, children and partners, or more broadly, to people in need and the world at large.

Dominated by the emotional center, the “caretakers”’ sense of existence could be defined as “I feel strongly towards someone, therefore I am”. They exist in relation, through their connection to the “other”, and need to have some other out there to love, think about and seek recognition from. They are highly sensitive beings, and when their emotional center is overflowing, they become over-sensitive. They always feel something and could never understand people who don’t feel sometimes. Their capacity for intimacy is far higher than most other types.

They are friendly and warm, simple-hearted, interested and chatty. They communicate with the world around them through intense emotions, and this is also the way they measure “true” or “false”. The “caretakers” tend to be practical and to give a lot of attention to the small details of life, though they do that not to achieve an undisturbed balance but out of their natural instinct of being at service. They have a round appearance with open and mellow features. Their facial expression is relaxed and sweet and their eyes are usually wide and soft. Being in their presence brings about a cooling and soothing energy, similar to a lake and a soft breeze.


To “Caretakers”, the world is a space of emotional exchange. It is as if the whole world came into being just for sharing; just for the flow of giving and receiving. This is why people meet each other and why we do everything. The top priority in such a world is relationships. Sometimes even loving wholeheartedly one’s child or partner and tending to their needs could be the most meaningful experience in life. More often than not, this is where the truly powerful events of life await us, offering us our genuine path to development and transformation.

Nothing else except for the search for love’s fulfillment could drive a human, for the simple reason that nothing else makes sense. Love to the “caretakers” is found not in feelings alone but in actual devotion, caring and service. They feel fulfilled only when they serve a cause greater than themselves. Moments of intimacy are not only the happiest state but also the only time when things become real.


The fourth Chakra Personality Type radiate sweetness all around. Their presence is cooling and relaxing. They are naturally attentive and considerate, gentle, peaceful and harmonious. They are genuinely concerned about maintaining a lasting state of peace in which no one is ever too angry. The fourth Chakra Personality Type are quite innocent to the degree of naivety and believe in the inherent goodness of people.

The fourth Chakra Personality Type are our greatest teachers for the fullness of the heart. They teach us devotion as the key-quality to filling our hearts with meaning. They also teach us that as long as we do not open ourselves to love, we miss not only an essential component of any genuine self-fulfillment but also a connection to a meaningful life. They are the world’s unifiers, those who came to make us transcend petty differences between us and to realize that our common ground is far greater. They teach us acceptance, forgiveness, and love as a boundless source of energy and power.


With their emotional center overflowing, the fourth type can quite easily become over-emotional on the verge of the hysterical. In this type of hypersensitivity, each emotion is in danger of becoming amazingly disproportionate. In relationships, they are on the one hand very devotional but, on the other hand, extremely expecting and demanding. The fourth Chakra Personality Type can also be intensely jealous and possessive towards their chosen ones. They have difficulty to think logically, because they are guided by the heart and the emotional center. They can excessively and unhealthily indulge in the world of emotions so much so that they eventually become utterly absorbed in their internal experience.

Shadow Self

The struggle of the “Caretakers” is that they always need to ensure they are loved and forever seek a confirmation for that. To be able to avoid rejection and to receive such a confirmation, their solution is to give, give, give all the time. They compensate by making themselves a sort of martyr. Yet this psychological motive is partly what hides behind their sacrifice and focus on others. It appears like it is all about the others, but really what they have is a hole in their heart, one of tremendous insecurity. In reality, this is so because they are not sure who they are without the other.

Finding Balance

The most important balancing work for the “Caretakers” is to balance their emotional excess. While often an unbalanced fourth type turn their sensitivity to their own emotions – how they feel at any given moment – they should remember that this is really a gift that is meant to be directed towards others in the form of compassion and attentiveness to their suffering. They mistakenly tend to believe that their energy naturally flows toward the other. Being obsessed with the relationship and wanting to know that the other loves you have nothing to do with caring for someone. It is wise to let this sensitivity take the form of some sort of activism.

Finding Fulfillment

The fourth Chakra Personality Type fit into professions like healers, caretakers, therapists of all kinds (including in the medical world); guides of groups of emotional therapy or intimacy; accompanying people on a process of recovery or even of dying; working with children (including education); social activism; working with animals, and family and couple consultation. The advantage of taking on this type of professions is that it helps them to channel the emotional load to feeling for someone and to abundant sharing.


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